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If you've ever wondered what to eat in London on your next trip to the UK or any other major city in the world, you'll wonder what to do. As a guide, we've put together a list of some of London's famous foods to try on your next trip to the UK. We've also included some fun places to eat in London that will serve as delights.

If you know where to look, London is bursting with authentic flavours, and the food you will be tasting is full of local dishes that will change your idea of what "British food" really is. Treat your taste buds to the gastronomic and culinary delights of central London as you stroll through the food. Take a tour of London's iconic sites and famous markets, be greeted by a local foodie guide on London Bridge, and enjoy a delightful tour of central London. Check that what you eat and where it is eaten is really the same as what you have visited in the real world, not just in your head.

You will forget all about London's famous restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops, and even its famous pubs and restaurants.

Below is a list of 10 traditional British foods to try in London, including some places where you can try them for yourself. Eating in England means a lot more than what the tips in the BBC's Good Food Guide show you.

Ale has been drinking in London for over 200 years, with centuries of freshly made scones and locally produced cider. One of the things you can't leave without food is a full English breakfast or a full English. Yorkshireman is a dish that everyone associates with Britain, but it's also one of the most popular breakfast dishes in England.

This hearty breakfast is popular in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and is often consumed at weekends. It's a must-eat for London, but like the English, you can't forget the more traditional food in Britain, the roast. For the ultimate Sunday roast experience, head to a local pub such as St James's for the best of both worlds - hearty food and great views of the London skyline. Like most people on this list, I'm a big fan of fish & chips, especially fish & chips and chicken nuggets.

In London, you can't go wrong trying chicken tikka masala in Punjab or chicken curry in London. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many British speciality restaurants that London has to offer, including famous restaurants such as Chateaubriand and the Royal Albert Hall. British cuisine is valued by many restaurants because London is a cosmopolitan city. I have a list of places where I have tried many different types of food from different parts of the UK, from London to Scotland and Wales.

For many years, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding have topped my list, closely followed by fish and chips. British favourites have been baked for well over 150 years and there is no doubt that you will find something like this in pretty much every pub you visit in the UK. It remains one of the most popular dishes in London and many other parts of the UK.

After all, we need brain food to fuel our learning, and we want to experience all that British culture has to offer. British food is like that because the country of Britain is constantly changing and evolving and dishes like British curry have come to be seen as traditionally British. Check out our list of the most popular British dishes and ingredients in these dishes and try them out.

Food in London isn't cheap, but if you really want to spend money, then Claridge's in Mayfair's Brook Street is the place to try it. If you don't eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, chips or pints, you can try one of the more popular restaurants of English cuisine in London, although it is more economical to buy food and prepare your own meals. Check the time before you show up, traditional English food is usually served only from 2pm to 4pm in London.

Here are some of the recommended daily foods we enjoy and eat regularly across the UK. There are a lot of restaurants in London, especially in the South East, but the point is that you have to be prepared to eat sausage, porridge and toads - in - a - hole in the UK! This is a list of traditional British food I have eaten in and around London, and I brought it back from the restaurants where I was supposed to eat regularly while I was spending the rest of my London trip.

Fish and chips is synonymous with England and is definitely a British food to try when visiting the UK. No matter where you are, you can find a tasty dish of fish and chips at one of the many restaurants in London, and this dish is a must-try - try it if you're in the UK. So, of course, this is one of the foods to eat in and around London And it is definitely worth a visit. This popular food tour focuses on the UK's top favourites, including classic dishes from London's most popular restaurants, as well as some of our favourite pubs and cafes.

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